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What motivates you? For me it is There is life after 50. I like to write about my passions, about what interests me and what interests others. I love sharing all my thoughts with my readers.

There is life after 50 is a small project that comes from my heart and, luckily, it gains more strength every day. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and the special content I have to offer you. Take a look here and there, maybe you will find what motivates you. Keep reading and enjoy!

Blog de la vida después de los 50 en español

About the blog

About us

I mean that at 50 YEARS LIFE IS NOT ENDING , because I think that at this age you are neither young nor older, it is simply the moment of a second youth.


Why do I say this? Well, because I think that it is the stage of the life of life to enjoy more of each moment. to enjoy family, older children, work, day and night with dinners with your partner or friends, etc.


In short, at 50 you have to take life in a different way but enjoying it with the same passion.

Blog de la vida después de los 50 en español

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