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About me

A little over a year ago, my world and that of many people went dry. At that moment, I thought it would be a good moment for the world to stop to think and reflect on everything that was happening in it; wars, global warming, gender violence, hunger, etc. Come on, it was a good excuse for the world to stop and me too.


In addition, during the first weeks of the confinement I was isolated in a room for 33 days because I caught the coronavirus. During those days, my husband had a very bad time psychologically, which I knew that the confinement at home would last longer than normal. For this reason I decided to put myself into a daily routine and I decided to change my life.


Since then, I have taken 2 courses on event organization, one on protocol, another on typing and another on office automation, all online. I have started to cook to read. To take care of myself physically and mentally.


Also, this year I am 5 years old and I was going to celebrate in a big way, but I have left everything for next year that I am going to join it with the renewal of vows of my 10 years of marriage and I will celebrate it as it deserves.


For all this I decide to create this page. It is a way of transmitting to the whole world that LIFE DOES NOT END AT 50. Through it I am going to tell my day to day in a current way. You are going to know me as I am, with my strengths and weaknesses and I am going to make you participate in all my new projects.



My experience

Here I will put my experiences and daily thoughts


Do not try to find happiness in a partner, in people, etc.

Happiness is only in you.


I would like the blog and forums to be a way for everyone who visits this page to get to know each other since this page is a page dedicated to friendship.

Small title

I am a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy, I am a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It is easy.

What people say

No matter how many times you make mistakes or how slowly you progress, you are still way ahead of those who don't even try.

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